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Col-R-Tel® Instructions, Part 6

CAUTION. Note the PICTURE SIZE switch on the size control box. Before operating this switch, always turn off your TV. Operating this switch under power could damage the set or the switch.

CAUTION. If you store the scanning wheel improperly, it will warp. A warped wheel could damage itself or the scanning motor. To prevent warpage, store the scanning wheel in a vertical position.

Operating Instructions

  1. Turn off the TV.

  2. On the size-control box, turn the PICTURE SIZE switch to COLOR.

  1. Place the scanning wheel unit in front of the TV screen.

  2. Plug P6 is on the back of the scanning wheel. Connect Plug P6 with Socket P5 on the converter box cable.

  3. Plug the cable connector P4 into converter jack P3. (The cable transfers control signals to and from the color wheel commutator.)

          connections: Col-R-Tel P3 through P6, between adapter box and commutator 
          (mechanisches Farbfernsehen). Connect P5 and P6
  1. On the TV, adjust the fine tuning control for the sharpest picture. For best color, you'll usually need to increase the TV receiver's CONTRAST and BRIGHTNESS.

  1. Check that all Col-R-Tel converter, size box and TV plugs and jacks (P1 to P6) connect. Reattach any loose connectors.

  2. On the converter, set OFF-ON switch S1 to ON.

  3. For 15 seconds, allow the converter electronics to warm up.

      chassis, front view, showing controls Controls on the front of the Col-R-Tel converter box
  1. Press the MOTOR START switch S2. Hold in the switch until the scanning wheel reaches full speed.

  2. Adjust the MOTOR SPEED control R40 until you can't see any scanning wheel seams. Due to wheel inertia, adjusting the control doesn't cause an immediate speed change. Always turn this control slowly.

  3. Turn the COLOR GAIN control R22 and select the desired amount of color.

  4. Turn the COLOR-LOCK control L3 and adjust for proper color. Flesh tones provide the most accurate adjustment. Adjust for natural flesh colors in faces.

NOTICE: COL-R-TEL TERMS & CONTROLS. COLOR LOCK is the same as the HUE or TINT control on other color TVs. COLOR GAIN is the same as the COLOR or SATURATION control on other color TVs.

In most sets, the SATURATION control is part of the chroma bandpass amplifier circuit. Of course, the Col-R-Tel adapter has no such circuit. Col-R-Tel engineers moved the saturation control to the chroma detector circuit. Here, the control works superbly.

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