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Install Col-R-Tel TV Converter, Part 1

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•Model 100-1     •117 VAC, 60 Hz, 40 W

(My rewrite of 1955 Col-R-Tel instructions)

Now: First-Class Color in Your Home

Your new Col-R-Tel® converter provides excellent color pictures on any good black and white TV receiver.

When you install the converter properly, it doesn't change black and white reception. To receive color pictures, you must tune in a color program.

• Before installation, read the safety disclaimer.

Adjust Television Controls

  1. Tune in a black and white show.

  2. Make sure that the TV operates correctly.

  3. Check the receiver bandwidth. It should match or exceed the manufacturer's specification. Otherwise, the TV might not have enough chroma signal to operate the converter. Receivers with a wideband IF produce better color pictures than narrowband receivers do. Wideband IFs extend to 4.0 or 4.5 MHz. Some narrowband IFs extend only to 2 or 2.5 MHz. Don't install Col-R-Tel on sets with such narrowband IFs. These narrowband circuits filter out the chroma signal. Without the chroma signal, Col-R-Tel won't work.

  4. If the TV needs realignment, adjust bandwidth to the maximum possible. The maximum possible bandwidth depends on your local reception conditions. Limit bandwidth to maintain enough gain and selectivity for your location.

  5. Set your tuner's fine tuning to permit fine picture detail. (This is also the correct adjustment for black and white reception.)

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Only qualified service personnel should install a Col-R-Tel unit. Proceed at your own risk. I take no responsibility for your success or failure. Personal injury or property damage might result from your installation. Such damages are entirely your responsibility. You assume the praise for success or the liability for failure.

Lethal voltages. Television equipment contains high voltages. These voltages can be lethal. In the set, storage devices such as power capacitors and the picture tube can maintain such voltages for several days. Before servicing the set, turn it off and discharge the picture tube and power capacitors. The Col-R-Tel circuit also includes power capacitors. Before installation, discharge the Col-R-Tel power capacitors.

Picture Tube. Appropriate TV sets for Col-R-Tel have picture tubes (CRTs). Handle the picture tube with care, or if possible avoid touching it. Never allow tools to come into contact with the CRT. Scratching or dropping the CRT might cause it to shatter. A shattered CRT will probably implode, throwing sharp glass shards up to eight feet in every direction. These shards can injure or kill.

Working on antiques. Remember that Col-R-Tel equipment and the TV sets it colorizes are antiques. These antiques probably contain faults that could injure you. Before installation, you might not know about all these faults. Start your installation by inspecting the Col-R-Tel unit and the TV set. Also check your instruments for proper operation and safety feature installation. For example: Is the insulation sound? Before and during installation, be prepared to fix electronic and mechanical problems.

For amateurs. Don't connect anything to a television set. The set might not have an isolated power supply. You could suffer a fatal shock.

No warranty. I make no warranty that these instructions are complete, correct, or suitable for any purpose. Your use of these instructions implies that you accept them as is.

Revisions. From time to time, I revise and improve these instructions. I make changes without notice.

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