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How Col-R-Tel Works

Col-R-Tel Size-Control Section

Block diagram of Col-R-Tel size controller section. (Farbfernsehen)

The size controller applies a variable load across the yoke coils. For the vertical yoke, the load is resistive. For the horizontal yoke, the load is inductive. Size controls adjust vertical and horizontal raster size to fit the adapter disc. Of course, some TV pictures are already small enough for the adapter. You can probably use a small-picture set without connecting the size control box.

The vertical yoke is part of the host television set. Two coils make up the vertical yoke. These coils deflect the picture tube's electron beam in an up-and-down direction. The vertical yoke coils flank the sides of the picture tube neck.

The horizontal yoke, like the vertical yoke, is part of the host television set. The horizontal yoke includes two coils. These coils control side-to-side deflection of the electron beam. You'll find horizontal yoke coils above and below the picture tube neck.

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