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Communications Leadership

Enhancing IT Publishing

Powerful Skill Set
James T. Hawes


Expert technical & business writer & editor. Innovative problem-solver. Write on all subjects. For all media. Can simplify jargon for your target audience.

  • Technical Writer. Over 15 years in the IT industry & over 5 years of leadership skills. Attention to detail. Ability to identify issues. Willing to learn. Apply updated technology. Turn jobs around fast. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, & procedures.

  • Domain expertise in these fields: Information technology. Banking & financial services. Gaming. Packaging. Cellular telephony. Smart building technology. Printing & publishing. Computer servicing. Displays. Electronic engineering. R&D. Computer peripherals. Insurance. Medical equipment. Healthcare. Online forms. Online training. E-commerce. Marketing. Sales promotion & advertising. Publishing. Radio-TV production.

  • Information design, business & IT process mapping, knowledge management.

  • Tools. Word. FrameMaker. Acrobat. PhotoShop. Visio. OmniPage. PowerPoint. Excel. JavaScript. HTML. ASP. Ajax. Readability & usability testing. Grammar & syntax coach.

Hawes Engineering Publications logo
Hawes Engineering Publications
Skokie, IL
4/11 - Present
  • Designed front and back ends for technical history site: Content & code.
  • Sell ad space on site through Google program, paying site expenses.
  • Domain designer & content provider: Text, graphics, JavaScript, HTML, ASP
Team Play logo
Team Play, Inc.
Elk Grove Village, IL
9/14 - 1/15
Free-lance tech writer, illustrator, & designer
  • Saved client $12,000 vs. expense of in-house publication.
  • Prepared 80-page quick-start, service & programming manual for 3D redemption game.
Amcor logo
Amcor Flexibles Packaging
Mundelein, IL
For agency: SB Associates
3/11 - 4/11
Consulting Technical Writer
  • My rapid turnaround method saved client 27% vs. using inside help.
  • Designed 23 process maps for business analyst & IT director:
    Order entry, HR, production specification, production, receiving, & scheduling.
Namco America logo
Namco America Inc.
Elk Grove Village, IL
Consulting Technical Writer
  • Saved company 70% off usual tech writing costs.
  • Composed, designed & edited user manual for Grand Prix. Produced camera-ready art.
Motorola Solutions logo
Motorola BMS
Libertyville, IL
For agency: TEKsystems
10/09 - 3/10
Consulting Technical Writer
  • Saved client 52% vs. using inside help.
  • Documented customer requirements for 4 projects.
  • Tested & wrote reports on Web site links.
  • Collaborated with tester in writing & editing 3 test plan strategies.
Green Diesel logo
Green Diesel, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI
1/09 - 11/11
E-Commerce Domain Designer
  • Company savings due to my crisis management & use of home office: $100,000.
  • Webmaster & content provider for site: Text & graphics. JavaScript & HTML.
Cole Taylor Bank logo
Cole Taylor Bank
Rosemont, IL
For agency: Instant Technology
8/08 - 11/08
Consulting Technical Writer
  • Client savings due to use of standard tools, self-direction, & software testing: $35,000.
  • Prepared 13 color manuals for ColeTaylor Reporter, an online banking system.
Raw Thrills & Play Mechanix logo
Raw Thrills
Play Mechanix studio, Glen Ellyn, IL
8/07 - 2/08
Free-Lance Writer, Illustrator & Designer
  • Saved client $26,000 vs. expense of in-house publication.
  • Prepared 72-page, kit installation & operation manual for tournament video games.
  • Produced downloadable, full-color, PDF manual with index click-tabs & process map.
Cole Taylor Bank logo
Cole Taylor Bank
Rosemont, IL
For agency: Instant Technology
7/06 - 6/07
Consulting Technical Writer
  • Saved client $50K in licenses & training by preparing output with common PC tools.
  • Edited & laid out user manuals for DirectConnect document scanner & Web software.
  • Composed troubleshooting & maintenance guide, training documents for support team.
  • Drafted over 20 manuals on eBanking & security software modules. (Including color process map.)
Raw Thrills logo
Raw Thrills
Skokie, IL
1/06 - 2/06
Free-Lance Writer
  • Reduced turnaround, prepress & printing costs by 30%. (Cam-ready art, in-house stock.)
  • On crash basis, prepared 52-page operator manual for arcade video game.
  • Improved manual durability & quality. (Applied resilient, lay-flat bindings.)
Zebra Technologies logo
Zebra Technologies
Libertyville, IL
For agency: Aerotek
10/05 - 12/05
Consulting Editor & Syntax Coach
  • Saved client 50% vs. using inside help.
  • Edited & rewrote manuals for thermal OCR printers & RFID encoders.
  • Composed & edited style manual. Also interactive, online HTML version.
  • Critiqued & rewrote department Web site.
Motorola Solutions logo
Motorola iDEN
Chicago & Arlington Heights, IL
For agency: Aquent
5/05 - 8/05
Consulting Technical Writer
  • Beat client deadline, saving Motorola $1,400.
  • Wrote, illustrated & edited 172-page user guide for engineers. Subject: Motorola iDEN (intelligent digital
    enhanced network) cellular network control & reporting software.
Outstanding Academics EDUCATION
First-Hand Involvement COMMUNITY SERVICE
Published author

Articles in Compton's Encyclopedia, Videomaker, Popular Electronics, Play Meter, Canadian Coin Box, RePlay, Vending Times, Journal of the Antique Wireless Association, NBTV, ARCI Journal, SPE Journal, Amateur Television Today. Columns in Spec-Com Journal, Mike Shy.