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Partial List of the games for which James T. Hawes wrote manuals or other publications. Also, as noted: Manuals to which he contributed, and manuals where he served as advisor or print coordinator.

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Williams' System 7 Pinball

  • Solar Fire - July 1981: Sales flyer specs

  • Barracora - September 1981: Service manual. Also German Barracora.

  • Black Knight - 1981: Specs for sales flyer. Specs probably covered limited edition model, as original came out in 1980.

  • Hyperball - December 1981: Contributions; German manual, schematic set, instructions.

  • Dragon Slayer - 1982: Followup for Hyperball. First interview/demo with designer Barry Oursler. Company shelved game. No manual.

  • Thunderball - May 1982: Manuals & ad header for 4 machines.

  • Cosmic Gunfight - June 1982: Manual & schematic set; Gary Messling might have contributed.

  • Varkon - September 1982: By Kean Zweigle, not me.

  • Warlok - October 1982: By Lance Clarke. I served as advisor & print producer.

  • Defender Pinball - December 1982: ? By Mike Sickenburger? I served as advisor & print producer.

  • Rat Race - January 1983: No manual; I contributed dual-SCR motor control circuit. <(Company didn't use my circuit.)

  • Time Fantasy - March 1983: Manual & schematic set.

  • Joust Pinball - April 1983: Manual & schematic set.

  • Parts Manual in two notebook volumes: I contributed pages. The late Al Ellis & various draftsmen did most of the work. Nina Clemente prepared most of the revised edition. For the first edition, I served as print producer. (Additional work by Norma Rodriguez & the late Phyllis Grethe.)

       for "Pinball Troubleshooting & Reference Manual," general manual for System 7 through 11 games:
       Includes theory of operation, mechanical & electronic troubleshooting, glossary, etc. Mouse over
       for Barracora instructions.
Pin Troubleshooting (1985) manual. Sys 7-11. Mouse over for Barracora (1981) instruction manual.

Cover, Early draft of Star Light (1984) manual"
Star Light (1984) prototype manual. Last Sys-7 game. Two years later, Williams ran the same machine, but with Sys 9 inside!

German Barracora (1981) schematic set. One of my first projects at Williams.
Cover, printed German Barracora schematic set (1981)

Williams' System 8 Novelty

  • Pennant Fever - May 1984: Manual & schematic set.

  • Still Crazy - 1984: Prototype manual for Still Crazy. Several machines came off the sample line & went on test at local arcades. I stayed with project through development. (No sales of game machine.)

  • Break Street - 1984: Sort of an “urban Still Crazy.” Features new, break dancing art & a modified playfield. Attended original show & tell. Company tested machine, but canceled project before I could start manual. (No sales of game machine.)

  • Pinball Conversion Kit. Contributor. My proposal for the kit resulted in Pennant Fever to Gridiron conversion kit. (Joe Kaminkow was the designer.)

       manual cover for "Still Crazy"

Williams' System 9 Pinball

  • Firepower II - August 1983 (Manual & schematic set)

  • Laser Cue - February 1984 (Manual & schematic set)

  • Star Light - June 1984 (System-7 version manual & schematic set for 100 games)

  • The Pinball Book (schematics for systems 7 & 8) - 1984

Cover for "Pinball 
         Book," general manual for System 8 & 9 games, including generic schematics. click for Lasercue
         pinball, 1984
The Pinball Book manual (1984) for System 7 & 8.
• Click for back cover.
• Click again for Lasercue pinball (1984).

Williams' Video Games

  • Defender Theory Manual - 1981 (Power supply section. Rest of manual by Ted McPeak & Kean Zweigle.)

  • Make Trax ("Crush Roller," Alpha Denshi) - 1981 (Color instruction card, flyer specs, & probably manual cover)

  • Stargate - 1981 (contributions). Also prepared entire second edition.

  • Robotron - 1982 (Manual & schematic set)

  • Moon Patrol (Irem) - 1982 (Manuals, including revised manual)

  • Joust - 1982 (Manual & schematic set)

  • Bubbles - 1982 (Wrote at least one version of manual. Duramold cabinet came out. Don't know if I wrote that version.)

  • Splat - 1982 (Started manual when it was still Food Fight.)

  • Sinistar - 1983 (3 Manual editions & schematic set. Leslie Solomon contributed text for one page.)

  • Blaster - 1983 (Manual including schematics set)

  • Motorace USA ("Zippy Race," Irem) - 1983 (Manual, I think.)

  • Mystic Marathon - 1983

  • Star Rider - 1983 (3 books: Instruction manual, Theory book & schematic set. Back cover machine view by John Riska, Rite-Tec Communications.)

  • Inferno (Karma) - 1984 (Started manual; game didn't sell. Company shelved game. No manual. Karma / Inferno became Grand Lizard pin. There was also a related & unreleased toy product.)

  • Turkey Shoot - 1984 (Manual. Two versions; one of my last projects before Lucitron.)

  • Aeroboto kit - 1984 (Manual. Wrote this book for a licensed conversion kit. Game producer was Joe Kaminkow. Joe also contributed to the manual. Manufacturer is Jaleco. Williams' first kit product.)

  • Play Ball - 1983 (Unreleased; otherwise, would have written manual)

  • Devastator - 1983, 1984, 1985 (Unreleased machine; started manual. Company shelved game. No complete manual resulted.)

  • Narc - 1988 (Instruction manual)

  • Z-Unit - 1988 (Theory & schematic set for TI 34010 GSP system in Narc.)

  • Wells Gardner monitor manual for monitors, including servicing, schematics, theory. Several versions for different monitors.

  • Hantarex Monitor manual - 1983: For monitors, including servicing, schematics, theory.

  • Electrohome Monitor manual for monitors, including servicing, schematics, theory.

  • Other Monitor Manuals (Sampo, etc.), including servicing, schematics, theory (unused).

Art: Star Rider front cover. Roll over for back cover. Click for Sinistar
One of my 3 Star Rider manuals (1983). Mouse over for back cover. Click for Sinistar (2-1983 edition)

Art: Z-Unit (1989) front cover. Mouse over for Aeroboto kit (1984) front cover.
Z-Unit manual (1988). Mouse over for Aeroboto cover (1984). Click for Narc manual (1989)

Art: Wells Gardner monitor
       book (red series); mouse over for Hantarex (Type C)
My red WG monitor manual (1989). Mouse over for my Type-C (Hantarex) monitor book (1983).

Bally Pinball

  • Truck Stop - 1988. Cover design by Nina Clemente. Truck Stop logo by Pat McMahon.

  • Contributions to Earthshaker, Banzai Run & Atlantis. - 1988

Cover for Truck Stop, first Williams / Bally manual.

Midway Video Games

  • Arch Rivals - 1989 Dsn. Reh Merchant (Contributions to manual by Somya Netrobile.)

  • Carnevil - 1998

  • War - 1999

  • Off Road (for Midway Home) - 1999 (Completed 25" project. Turned 39" project over to Alex Ball.)

  • Invasion - 1999 (Early drafts of manual; final by Brad Moldofsky)

  • NBA on NBC - 1999, 2000

  • NFL - 1999, 2000

  • NFL / NBA conversion kits (several)

  • San Francisco Rush (for Atari or Midway West) - 2000

  • San Francisco Rush Tournament (for Atari or Midway West) - 2000 (Early drafts of manual. Upon my departure, turned project over to Brad Moldofsky.)

Cover for prerelease Invasion manual. Prototype manual for prototype game. Unpublished. 
       Mouse over for NBA/NFL kit (2000). Click for proto NBA kit manual (1999)
Invasion prerelease manual (1999), unpublished. Mouse over for final NBA/NFL Kit manual, 2000. Click for prerelease NBA kit manual (1999).

United Manufacturing Shuffle Alleys (System 6)

  • Big Strike - 1984 (Manual; uses Triple Strike schematic)

  • Triple Strike - 1984 (Manual including schematics set)

  • Strike Zone - 1984 (Manual including schematics set)

Cover for Strike Zone (1984) manual.

Williams Telephone (Wiltelco)

  • Model 5000 Payphone: Manual & schematic set. Includes drawings by the late Jim Ross. Mark Sprenger designed the cover from my design.

  • Model 6000 Payphone: Manual (2 versions) & schematic set. Includes drawings by the late Jim Ross. Mark Sprenger designed the cover from my design.

  • Remote programming for Williams Payphones: Manual. Butch Ortega drew the inside illustrations.

  • Payphone Conversion Kit (Theoretically converts any GTE payphone): Draft only. Company canceled project.

  • Plastic case phone: Interviewed SMEs & viewed Pete Ori's case prototype. Company canceled project.

  • Ad specialties. Supervised procurement of ad specialties: Wiltelco sun glasses & silk-screened jackets (“Williamswear”. Designed & managed print production of silver, Wiltelco holiday cards (Final art by Mark Sprenger).

  • Photography, video. Managed photo and promotional video shoots. Developed production vendors.

Cover for 
       "Wiltelco 5000" first payphone by Williams Telephone Company. Mouse over for conversion kit
       manual (unpublished, 1987). Click for Wiltelco PC Programming Guide (1986).
Wiltelco 5000 phone manual (1986). Mouse over for Wiltelco phone conversion kit manual (draft 2; unpublished, 1987). Click for Wiltelco PC Programming Guide (1986).

Other game-related assignments

  • Pinball Troubleshooting & Reference Manual - 1985 (includes byline; covers systems 7 through 11). Most illustrations by Butch Ortega. Some artwork by the late Jim Ross.

  • Speeches for AMOA 1986, 1987, 1988

  • Williams Monitor Theory & Troubleshooting Guide - 1982. Randy Fromm Schools used this book for its monitor servicing classes.

  • Video studio designed & built for Wiltelco - 1987

  • Educational video scripts (servicing) for Wiltelco - 1987: We only shot 1.

  • Marketing video for Wiltelco AMOA presentation - 1987

  • Marketing video for Williams pinball AMOA presentation (Big Guns), 1988

  • Alternate instruction card for Big Guns (Final version came from the late Fritz Runyon)

  • Educational servicing video for Wiltelco - 1987

  • Educational soldering video for Williams pinball (for Bob Gronkowski; features Lucy Varella) - 1988

  • Educational factory video for Williams pinball - 1989 (for Bob Seidita)

  • Articles on servicing, production engineering for Play Meter, RePlay, Canadian CoinBox, Vending Times, Star*Tech Journal, 1982 - 1989

  • Direct mail campaign for Wiltelco - 1987 (for Tom Parks)

Art: My complete guide to
       raster monitor troubleshooting in 8 pages!
My Raster Monitor Troubleshooting Guide: Complete service guide in 8 pages of drawings (1982).

For other game companies

  • Putting Challenge arcade version, for GL Technology - 1990.

  • Putting Challenge home version, for GL Technology - 1990.

  • Boxing video game (Contributions; incomplete), for Konami, 2001. Company canceled project.

  • Big Buck Pro, for Raw Thrills, 2006

  • Big Buck Pro Registration Card, for Raw Thrills, 2006

  • Big Buck Tournament, for Play Mechanix & Raw Thrills, 2008

  • Go Go Grand Prix, for Namco America, Inc., 2010

Cover for "Big Buck Pro," by Raw Thrills. Mouse over for CoinUp Tournament 
       kit installation manual (a prototype manual).
Big Buck Pro manual (2006). Mouse over for CoinUp manual (2007). Click for Grand Prix (2010).

WMS Gaming

  • Managed publications department for five years.

  • Model 400 slot manual - 2004: (First slot manual & all subsequent releases for upright slot machines). Profusely illustrated by JT Hawes.

  • Slant-top slot (Various drafts). Profusely illustrated by JT Hawes.

  • Conversion installation kit: Dollar bill validator with SMD board.

  • Video lottery terminal manuals for new system with card cage & blind-mating connectors: Several jurisdictions.

  • Slant-top VLT manual prototype. My employee, the late Ray Flynn, wrote the final draft.

  • Upgrades of old VLT manuals for old system with card drawer: Several jurisdictions in US (NE, S, SW). Also Canada.

  • Mini pocket-size manuals for slot & slant-top slot products

  • System 1.5 - First manual for System 1.5 electronics

  • Wells Gardner monitor manual, including servicing, schematics, theory

  • Kristel monitor manual, including servicing, schematics, theory

  • Parts section: First comprehensive parts section in alphanumeric order. Including all service parts and their components by category. Later versions also added illustrations. (Allows searches by parts category, assembly, alphanumeric name, family or appearance)

  • First fold-out, exploded view section for manual. Drawings by John Riska of Rite-Tec Communications, whom I hired.

  • First safety manual in 14 EU languages. Developed in collaboration with the late Ray Flynn, my employee. I hired two services to translate the manual.

  • First electronic manuals. Acrobat PDF documents on WMS intranet.

  • First Docutech manuals - Faster turnaround, on-demand solution reduces waste and inventory. Pay as you go.

  • First illustrated help screens for VLT. With Joel Jaffe. Illustrations by Adam Rhine.

  • First component-level troubleshooting guide. Includes first troubleshooting table for at-a-glance troubleshooting.

  • Three manual styles. for different division managers.

  • Various color cover designs, including pseudocolor method in two colors, for rapid turnaround & reduced cost

  • RFP for Victoria, Australia jurisdiction - 1993: Editor

Before Williams

Before Williams, the old Wieboldt's department store introduced me to writing about electronic games. At Wiebolt's downtown headquarters, I composed ads for Chicago and national newspapers. During my 10-month tenure at Wiebolt's, I authored 1,100 ads.

The toy department was one of my 11 accounts. My video game ads covered early home consoles. Atari's 2600, Coleco's Colecovision and Mattel's Intellivision weren't out yet. However could the world survive? We had more primitive, but nonetheless very entertaining video games: I remember pitching the wonders of Coleco's marvelous Telstar console. Wieboldt's sold TVs, so I think I also recollect ads for Magnavox Odyssey. I don't know if those ads sprang from my paleolithic Royal typewriter or not. Regrettably, I normally didn't handle the TV account.

Logo of Wieboldt Stores with address of Chicago headquarters store.
Logo of Wieboldt Stores with address of main store, where I once wrote ad copy

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