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James T. Hawes

Technical Writing

Mr. Hawes' background involves technical writing for high-tech applications, particularly computers and electronics.

He is an internationally published author and editor. His works include technical manuals, magazine articles, exploded-view parts catalogs, videos, schematic sets and CDs. He's managed print or electronic production for most of these projects. Another aspect of his background is development of third-party production sources. He's also created help screens for the gaming industry.

  • If you purchase a broadband ADSL router, a Hawes instruction manual might come with it. Mr. Hawes wrote and edited print and html manuals for a U.S. Robotics router. He also coordinated overseas production of the printed manual.

  • If you need to look up something on your Compton's Encyclopedia CD, think of Mr. Hawes. He's a contributing author.

  • Maybe you recently had a chest x-ray. A Hawes service manual probably helped a technician to maintain the x-ray machine.

  • Do you play video lottery terminal games? Then you may have consulted Mr. Hawes' illustrated help screens!

  • For four years, Mr. Hawes penned an amateur television column for Spec-Com Journal.

Published Articles

Mr. Hawes has authored articles in...
•Popular Electronics •Video Maker •Play Meter •Video Technology Today •Canadian Coin Box •RePlay •Vending Times
•Star Tech Journal •The Old Timer's Bulletin •SPE •NBTV
•Electric Pictures Journal •Spec-Com Journal
and others.

Publishing Applications

Mr. Hawes is familiar with most commercial publishing software for PC and Macintosh...
•Windows •Word  •FrameMaker •Visio •Quark Xpress  •PageMaker •Acrobat 
•Dreamweaver •PhotoShop •Illustrator •CorelDraw  •AutoCAD •OmniPage 
•Canvas •Claris Draw •PowerPoint •Excel  •MacLink •WordPerfect •FrontPage

Software Background

Mr. Hawes has coded in...
•HTML •Java •JavaScript  •C/C++ •Orbworks C for handhelds •COBOL II 

Hardware Background

Mr. Hawes is qualified to use standard diagnostic and service equipment...
•Oscilloscope •DVM •Logic probe •Logic pulser •Signal tracer
•Signal generator •RCL bridge •Bar/dot generator •Test power supplies
•Soldering station •Semiconductor tester

Electronic design

Mr. Hawes has designed circuits...
•Preamplifiers •Power amplifiers •Oscillators •Multivibrators
•Silicon conversions of tube or germanium transistor devices
•Test equipment •Power supplies •Peripheral drivers •Interfaces
•Level shifters •Sensor circuitry •Prototypes


Some topics that Mr. Hawes has written about...
•Electronic banking  •Document scanners  •OCR Printers  •RFID encoders  •Cellular networks  •Computer terminals & monitors  •Agented Web marketing  •Anonymity through VPNs and proxy servers •Flash memory devices  •Avatar-based training and gaming  •Programmable ADSL routers •Silicon evolution  •Neural networks •Smart buildings •Camcorder optics  •Programmable pay phones •Software installation, operation  •Process engineering •Security systems •Large, flat screen video (military)  •Radio circuits •Medical x-ray systems •Video gaming hardware, servicing  •Raster video theory •Metallurgy (military-industrial)  •Circuit troubleshooting, theory •Mainframe diagnostic software  •Audio recording technology •Mainframe servicing  •Amateur radio •Amplifiers •Analog circuit design  •Television technology history 

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