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This privacy policy applies to Google functions on this Web domain. For details, visit the Google Privacy Center.

The DART cookie

  • This Web site participates in the Google AdSense® program. We sell advertising space to Google for resale to click-through merchants.

  • Google uses cookies to serve ads on this site. Google uploads these cookies to your browser.

  • Google's DART cookie enables it to target ads to your interests. This cookie stores a record of the sites that you visit. This data might determine the ad content that you see.

  • Advertisers can access and use cookies about your visits to this and other Web sites. The collected data doesn't include your phone number, name, address, or email address.

  • Like to know more about this practice? Want to keep companies from using this data? Click Your Privacy Choices. A summary appears on this page.

Why Google collects data

  • To audit and research, allowing service maintenance and improvements

  • To protect Google or its users

  • To provide services, including custom content and advertising

What Google collects

  • Affiliated Google Services. Google offers services through other Web sites. Google might receive personal data that you provide to those sites. Affiliated sites might have their own privacy practices.

  • Cookies. When you visit Google, Google sends cookies that uniquely identify your browser.

  • Data that you provide. Registration data (such as your name, email address and password).

  • Gadgets. Google might offer third party applications (gadgets). Under its privacy policy, Google processes data that it collects. The provider's privacy policy determines the data that an application or gadget collects.

  • Links. Google might track whether you follow links.

  • Location. Google offers location-enabled services, such as Google Maps for mobile. If you use those services, Google might receive data about your location.

  • Logs. When you access Google services, servers record data from your browser.

  • User communications. Google saves email or other communications that you send to Google.

Why Google shares personal data

  • Because Google has your consent.

  • Because the data is aggregate, non-personal data. For example, how many users clicked on an advertisement. Such data doesn't identify you individually.

  • To process personal data on Google's behalf. Third parties process such data under Google's privacy policy and other security measures.

  • To satisfy regulations, enforce terms of service, or manage security problems.

Your privacy choices

To serve Web ads, Google uses the DoubleClick advertising cookie (DART). For this cookie, you can manage your ad preferences by accessing the Ads Preferences Manager. You can opt out of the DoubleClick cookie anytime. To opt out, use DoubleClick’s opt-out cookie.

You can set your browser to show when a site is sending a cookie. You can set your browser to refuse all cookies. If you disable your cookies, some Google features might not function properly.

You can refuse to submit personal data to any Google service. In that case, Google might not be able to provide those services to you.

Session cookie

When you email us, you may use either of our two email scripts. One of these scripts bakes cookies. These are only session cookies, which have a minimal effect on your system. When you close your browser session, the cookies destruct. The cookies collect zero personal data. Want to avoid email cookies? Use our cookie-free email. This script calls your email client.

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