Hawes Mechanical Television Archive by James T. Hawes, AA9DT
Mechanical Television: Old or New?

Many recent TV advancements owe their invention, development or central concept to mechanical television. Think it's new? Check out the chart below.

Today's TV Technology...
Came From Mechanical TV
DVD Nipkow Spinning Disc
Plasma TV Moore Neon Glow Tube
Helical VCR Drum Weiller Scanning Drum
TI Digital Micromirrors LeBlanc Vibrating Mirrors
Liquid Crystal Light Valves Kerr & Karolus Light Valves
TiVo Baird Phonovision
Remote Control Device Manual Sync by Pendant Switch
Infrared-Sensitive Camcorder Baird Noctovision
Laser projection Moore Crater tube projection
Supermarket flying spot scanner TV studio flying spot scanner
Three-gun, RGB color Ives Three-lamp, RGB color
Modulated laser pictures Simon Modulated arc pictures
Video recording Ives Intermediate film process

TV service
     technician scrutinizes the inside of a television receiver.

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