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Moon Camera FAQ (Part 2)


QUESTION. Is that your name on an official NASA film? (To watch... YouTube moon video.)

ANSWER. No. My name is James T. Hawes. The name on the YouTube video is "T. Hawes." That person is somebody else.

Besides, you're referring to a YouTube video, not an official NASA film.

QUESTION. How did the name "HAWES" get on a moonwalk film?

ANSWER. By one of these ways...

  • Someone lifted my name from my Apollo moon Web site. This identity theft seems to prove the YouTube video's fakery.

Shot 3 from alleged "NASA" video at YouTube Shot 3 from rudbprs' YouTube video: 
        Table with type & handwriting. (Handheld rephotography)
  • An unrelated HAWES might have worked on the video.

Parting shot: An “svector” admits that he faked the YouTube video. I have no connection with “svector.” Since “svector” posted his video, lunar satellites from several countries have photographed remains of various Apollo missions.

See Video debunks Strange Video of Moon Mission

QUESTION. You must have been involved with the NASA moon shot. You must have been a technician with NASA.

ANSWER. False on both points. Anyway, thanks for the publicity!

QUESTION. Did you work on converting the Apollo videos? Is your specialty slow motion photography?

ANSWER. No to both questions. I'm a technical writer. The Web page is an example of my work.

QUESTION. Did someone in your family work at NASA? Did this relative provide information on the space shots?

ANSWER. No to both questions.

QUESTION. Did you direct or edit a film about one of the Apollo moon shots?


By the way, I had nothing to do with the Apollo moon film on YouTube. This YouTube video is a fake, a practical joke. When I saw it, I had a good laugh.

Did you really take that YouTube seriously? Come on. I remember film students in college manufacturing historical fiction, just like the YouTube. Those students were just having fun. Meanwhile, they learned a lot about editing. Good for them! This YouTube is more of the same.

QUESTION. Were you involved in a coverup of an Apollo moon shot fake?

ANSWER. No. You are so imaginative! I never worked at NASA.

QUESTION. You must be part of a NASA geek think tank.

ANSWER. Hey, easy on the insults. Anyway, the answer is: False. I have no relationship with NASA. During the moon shots, I had no relationship with NASA.

QUESTION. How do you know so much about the moon shots?

ANSWER. Same as you. I read about the moon shots. I watched TV and videos.

QUESTION. You have a link to an Apollo hoax site. Do you consider the moon shot a hoax?

ANSWER. Yes, I have the link. No, I don't consider the moon shots a hoax. You're jumping to a conclusion. The link helps surfers find related pages. Some surfers wonder if the moon launches were real. I provide a little information on both sides of the argument.

Actually, my link dissects Fox's show that alleges a moon landing hoax. The link goes along point by point. You read the Fox program's claim. Then you read why the claim is false. You see clear, pictorial examples. Each argument receives solid support. The link never resorts to the insults that you find at the YouTube forum. I highly recommend this link. See... Bad Astronomy.

QUESTION. Do you know Denny “rudbrps”?

ANSWER. No. You refer to Denny “rudbrps”, the author of the fraudulent video about the moon landing. As far as I know, “rudbrps” isn't a real person. Instead, he is the invention or puppet of the YouTube account “svector”. I don't know “svector” either, and have no connection with him.

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