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Original, DTV Changeover 'Start' Page

Get a Converter Box Coupon, Top Page

We saved some of the original art from the NTIA Web site. What you see below appeared on computer screens in in 2008 to 2009.

Original NTIA start page, from 2008

Word to the Wise: Please don't try to contact the NTIA about a converter box. The converter program is long over now. The Web site is gone. You might be able to contact the NTIA by phone or snail mail. But Uncle Sam will just share a snicker with you! Consider the converter application a piece of nostalgia. That's all it is now. Just as with (boo-hoo) over-the-air, analog TV.

Still need a DTV box? Amazon and Ebay still sell the boxes. Or for a real deal, try Good Will or Salvation Army! They'll fix you up.

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